Ecological Generator

This interactive tool aims to facilitate the implementation of ecological changes in the workplace.

The Green workplaces NGO project is co-funded by the European Union, through the Erasmus+ programme.


The Environmental Generator

is an innovative web-app that serves to raise environmental awareness. A chatbot integrated into the app, which works on the basis of a question generator, explores the user’s ecological awareness and the ecological problems they face.

Using advanced artificial intelligence, the Environmental Generator generates personalised green solutions on the fly to help the user change their habits to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. The app offers a range of accessible and practical solutions to help anyone become greener.

Changing habits for environmental protection and skill development

By implementing the proposed changes, users contribute to environmental protection and gain an opportunity to shift their habits towards more eco-friendly practices. The Ecological Generator is an excellent tool for individuals who want to make a difference for the planet while enhancing their skills and competencies related to ecology.

Through the use of the Ecological Generator, users can also inspire others to implement changes in their workplaces, fostering an environment built on sustainable development and ecological responsibility.

The Green Workplaces in NGO

The project aims to address the need identified by the priority as the adaptation of vocational education and training to the needs of the labor market.

Environmental crisis

It represents the most significant challenge the world is currently facing, including the countries of the European Union. To contribute to solving this problem, it is necessary to implement comprehensive actions that are an integral part of the European Green Deal and the green transformation of workplaces.

This challenge is associated with the need for proper preparation of employees for transformative actions and continuous development of their skills related to environmental protection.

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Think Green, Live Green: Our Planet's Future is in Our Hands

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Guidebook ,,Green workplaces"

A comprehensive guidebook dedicated to entrepreneurs and employees that aims to inspire a change in workplace habits towards a greener workplace. The publication offers concrete tips and strategies for implementing green innovations that not only protect the environment, but also help generate savings on utilities, paper and other materials. In addition, the guide highlights how green measures can enhance the prestige and social image of an organisation.

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Think Green, Live Green: Our Planet's Future is in Our Hands

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